Average cost for TV Mounting and Installation ranges from

How much does TV wall mounting cost?

The national average cost for TV wall mounting is between $110 to $137 for basic TV mounting, with hourly rates ranging from $70 – $109 for the first hour. The average cost of TV wall mounting can vary but basic mounting can be very affordable.

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This is what can affect the cost of professional TV-mounting services. Flat-screen TVs of any size can be mounted onto a range of surfaces including plaster, brick, stone, wood, drywall and concrete. Your local professional will be able to tell you if you can use existing electrical outlets in the room, or if you need to consider having a new outlet installed. Some local pro also can help with outlet installation if not we got your back, we have that service available also for free and a pros will get you the cost and come and install in no time. Let’s consider what might affect the price.

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What’s in this cost guide?

Hourly vs. flat rates

Handymen are more likely to offer hourly rates for tv mounting service, while  companies typically have set their fees based on the type of mount and the complexity of the wiring.

What would  standard TV wall mount cost to install?

A standard TV mount service means that the client provides the mounting apparatus, and the professional just does the labor of  mount TV to the wall. Generally pros that install the audio/visual (A/V) wires and connects the TV charge extra.

Basic mount with the A/V wires showing (not installed behind the wall): $50 Basic mount with A/V wires installed in the wall: $69

Does a tilting TV mount or articulating bracket affect cost?

Tilting TV mounts and articulating brackets allow for movement of the TV screen after it has been mounted to the wall. These mounting brackets require additional time, effort and occasionally materials to install and can therefore increase the cost.

Tilting bracket and mounting service package: $70 Articulating bracket and mounting service package: $110

Does TV size matter?

TV weight, TV type as well as TV size, can affect the overall cost of mounting. However, many companies charge an hourly or flat rate per TV as opposed to basing their fees on TV size. It’s a great question to ask when you first contact a pro tv mounting, how they handle their pricing.

Will my wall type affect the project cost?

The type of walls also in your house can affect the cost of any work done. concrete, bricks or stone all present more labor—especially if you want in-wall A/V cord installation. Your living room wall may be easy or difficult for TV wall mount installation, talk to your professional tv mounting you hired. In general, harder wall surfaces cost more for TV mounting services than a softer surface such as drywall. However, no matter the wall type or associated cost, all mounted TVs can be very heavy. Even if you usually like to handle small projects yourself, this is a job for the pros.

Home theater and surround sound systems

Homeowners with home theaters, surround sound systems, or extensive media components who need their A/V cords reattached and all the components wired together may pay a higher fee. These kinds of jobs may require a more technically skilled A/V expert. We’d recommend chatting with a local service provider. They may even offer a free estimate for the work you have planned.

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