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We send you customers request.

When a customer request is a good fit for you, reply directly to that customer with your quote. Your quote is essentially an introduction; a personalized message with your rates, your contact information, your website…etc.

Customize and sending your quote.

  • After you receive a request you create your quote and send it.
  • You only get charged once per customer when you submit your quote,
  • Start your conversation. Messaging with customer is 100% free.

Pro tips

Keep in mind you’re competing against other businesses or pros,

respond quickly help you win the job! 

When you’re hired, customers pay you directly and you keep 100% of your earnings.

This is how it works.

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Customers come to EasyGo PRO to hire pros.

They answer specific questions about their projects, then we share those details with businesses like you.

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Customers review your estimate.

You can set your prices or send estimates to customers through out our text messages system or  phone calls after accepted the lead.

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Customers look at your business profile

Your profile helps customers decide if you are the right pros for the jobs; show customers who you are, business description! your experience… customers will see both your estimate and profile.

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Chat with the customer and get hired.

When interested customers reach out to learn more about your estimate or experience, it’s your turn to close the deal and get yourself hired. Make sure to respond quickly

Here are 5 tips to help you pick a strong photo from the ones you already have:

  • Choose a photo that looks like you. Dont roll your eyes at me….
  • Make sure your face takes up at least 60% of the frame
  • Choose the right expression…
  • Wear what you’d wear to work…
  • Choose a background that isn’t distracting.

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How do they pick the right pro?

Customers start by looking at your profile — your introduction, reviews and media. They want to see who has the best experience for the job.