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At My Hero heating and Air conditioning we have one golden rule, deliver the best customer service experience in the industry. Our believes are, if we treat customers with respect and dignity, by always going above and beyond and by providing the best service and high-quality workmanship standard on any job big or small, our customers win, and we win.When you reach out to My Hero, you just don’t get a person on the other line, you will be getting a fully train personal that their only goal and focus is to make sure you and your family receives the best service possible along with the best verified and hand pick trained technicians to diagnose, service and repair your central heating and air conditioning system. My Hero heating and air condition has a strong believe, no customer should pay for a poor service, and unethical practices, if you are not satisfied with any of our service or any of our Hero members you simple don’t pay a single dime no questions ask.Put us to the test, we want to be your Hero.

The most rewarding part here at My Hero is leaving a smile to our customers and knowing we did our job by either servicing their unit, fixing restoring their comfort or upgrading into a new system. Leaving the best experience possible and changing industry standards to the highest levels of customer service.