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Great Lawn Service stands way out than other companies by taking my time on ANY PROJECT every company I know is a blow and go company they rush and that does not make the lawn look nice when the company leaves i ALWAYS double cutt i ALWAYS edge, and weed eat all of the obstacles, and I ALWAYS do a great job of blowing off grass clippings I am also a liscenced and fully commercial insured company which a few are hardly around any more, and Great Lawn stands out by the work I do not just the mowing, but also the hedge trimming, tree trimming, pruning, aerating, fert, and overseeding, as well as leaf cleanups, brush removal, and gutter cleaning, as well as de weeding and mulch jobs. Great Lawn stands apart from others because the owner is the bidder, worker, and the communicator cutting employees that have no clue out of the picture

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE leaving a property looking so much better than what I pulled up into the property looking like but I ENJOY MOST is helping out my clients clients take care of me and I take real well care of them,