Professional Terms of Use

By checking the box and entering the EasyGo PRO Platform

I understand and acknowledge that I am a self-employed independent contractor and not a our employee.

I specifically desire and intend to operate as an independent contractor!

I understand that I am responsible for all costs and expenses associated with operating as an independent contractor, including with respect to tools, insurance, materials, all supplies and personnel.

I understand and agree that, if at any time, I believe that my relationship with EasyGo PRO is something other than an independent contractor, I agree to immediately notify EasyGo PRO of this view.

I understand that the Service Professional Agreement is a legally binding agreement.

I understand that if I agree to the EasyGo PRO Service Professional Agreement and download the Pro Portal mobile application to book jobs, the Pro Portal uses my location to help verify job check in/out, to find jobs near me and to provide Service Requesters with my location prior to a job.

I understand that the EasyGo PRO Service Professional Agreement contains a Mutual Arbitration Provision (Section 12.2) which requires, unless I opt out as described in the Mutual Arbitration Provision, EasyGo PRO and me to submit disputes to final and binding arbitration.

I understand that EasyGo PRO may use any image I submit to EasyGo PRO to show to my clients and to use on my profile page.

I understand that the EasyGo PRO Service Professional Agreement has changed and that I need to carefully read the updated agreement on the following screen before agreeing to the new terms.

I agree to download a copy of this EasyGo PRO Service Professional Agreement from: