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How much does lighting installation cost?

If you want to install a new light fixture, a few simple things to consider when estimating the cost. We always encourage homeowners to hire professionals electrician for electrical projects, sometimes a little bit complex or dangerous;  so the first major expense is hiring a licensed electrician. This is a critical step because there are local codes your electrical work has to uphold, and you need to make sure you hire someone who is versed in these codes and licensed to perform the intricate work required. Once you find the right pro, then the cost of lighting installation is easier to predict.

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 Replace and save money!

You can save money when removing and replacing existing lighting rather than hire electrician to install brand new lighting where a power source does not already exist. With replacement, the lighting company doesn’t have to run a new electrical line from another source,  saving on labor and parts.

New lighting

If no hard-wired lighting exists in a room, installing the wiring for ceiling or wall lighting will increase the total cost. This task requires electricians to cut holes, run electrical wire, put in a base and possibly drill through stud work—all of which adds labor and materials. These additional labor and material costs may be reflected as a one-time charge per room, with new light itself billed separately, or they may be defrayed with a higher per-light cost overall.

Per-light fee

Depend on your locations or who you hired some electricians charge by the light. For recessed lighting, the per-light charge includes the light housing, wiring, lamp and trim, LED bulb, and labor for installation. For rooms with existing lighting,  following is an example of how much you can be charged by a lighting company,  $65–$85 per recessed light, including materials and labor. The company charges an additional $100–$125 per room, for rooms without an existing electrical source. Price can be vary according to the height of ceiling.

Some companies don’t charge an additional fee when a room doesn’t have existing electrical but instead charge a higher price per light. competitors who follow this pricing structure charge about $100–$150 per light, which can be beneficial when homeowners want to install just a few lights. The overall cost increases significantly if someone needs a larger number of lights to be installed.

Fluorescent Lights

We found fluorescent light mostly in the garages, warehouse or other work spaces where the function of a light is more important than its style.The lower cost of operating fluorescent lights compared to standard incandescent bulbs also makes them popular among energy-conscious homeowners.

Styles of fluorescent lights vary slightly, but most are standard 36-inch, two-bulb fixtures that electricians can either mount into ceilings, especially drop ceilings, or anchor to ceiling studs. Depending on the electrical setup of a room and the wiring options available, installation takes between one and three hours, costing between $85 and $217 excluding supplies.

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Depend on the area you located in the country the hourly rates or per light prices could be higher or lower based on the cost of living and regional competition.


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