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How much does a home organizer cost?


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The average cost for a Home Organizer is $50. To hire a Home Organizer to organize your home, bedroom, living room,  basement, garage, you are likely to spend between $30 and $50 total. The price of a Home Organizer can  also vary depending on your area.

If things have gotten out of control, or you just want more harmony and ease in your daily life, contact a professional home organizer to help with your bedrooms, closets, in-home offices, garage, basement, kitchen, bathrooms, workplace, business, storage areas.

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Hiring a personal organizer  can be a lifesaving move book it now on EasyGo PRO platform. Personal organizers tackle your worst messes and restore order to chaotic. Personal organizers certainly clear out your clutter, but they also go one step further — addressing the root problem of why most of us are disorganized in the first place — by implementing easy-to-follow organizational systems that keep your home mess-free long after the professional has left the building. Personal organizers typically first do an assessment to understand your organizational challenges and needs, then build in a useful system that you and your family (or employees) can continue to use in a functional way. This means that the things you use often are easy to access, while staying organized. Professional organizing help is available for private homes, offices, multiunit buildings and even commercial spaces.

Professional organizing services can be helpful in a wide range of situations. You and your family may need an organizational reboot after years of living in a slightly disordered place, an update to a specific area like the living room or a master closet, or a redo of your entire home. It’s hard to find keys, the kids’ shoes get lost all the time, and your junk drawer has turned into a nightmare. Pro organizers can come in and not only patiently wade through the wreckage of your hall closet, but set up interior storage containers and specific solutions for each person — Dad’s keys always go on this hook, Peter’s soccer cleats are always stored in this cubby — so you are set up for ongoing success. Move-ins and move-outs are another great time to call a professional organizer. The pros can create order among the packing boxes and help make your move as efficient as possible. You can call a personal organizer if you are settling the estate of someone who has passed away and you just don’t know what to do with all their stuff. Personal organizers can bring order to your home or business office, creating efficient filing systems and organizing paperwork according to your needs. They also help with removal of unwanted items, space planning, storage advice, garage sale preparation, digital organization and online filing.

If things have gotten out of control, or you just want more harmony and ease in your daily life, call a personal home organizer to help with your bedrooms, closets, in-home offices, garage, kitchen, bathrooms, workplace, business, storage areas or basement. Organizing a home or office not only clears out physical clutter, it can relieve mental clutter, tension and stress. This kind of relief makes for more relaxed and productive days.

If you are ready to clear out the clutter in your life, here are the factors that affect the average cost of home organization services.

Professional Organiser Hourly Rate

Most personal home organizers have an hourly rate that usually covers decluttering, organizing, removal and other services. A professional’s hourly rate can vary depending on their experience,  services, reputation, and location. Geographic location is a major factor in a company’s business operating costs, which in turn drive the professional’s hourly rate to you. The hourly rate for a professional may vary, depending on the exact services they are providing. For example, a personal organizer may charge $50 per hour for standard home or office organization, but charge $60 per hour for work that includes a lot of heavy lifting, disorder, dirt and grime — such as sorting out the dark end of your grandmother’s basement.

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Does the Complexity of A Project Can Affect  Prices per Hour?

Hourly rates are not always constant. If you are hiring a pro for a complex or specialty project, you might have to pay more per hour than you would for simple decluttering. In fact, the same expert may charge up to 20% more if the project requires additional planning or is more complicated to execute. A quote of $50 per hour may increase to $60 if it includes extra planning or coordination with other pros.

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Professional Organizer Fees by Specialty If an organizer or personal assistant has expertise in a specific area, they may charge more. A financial expert, for instance, will cost more than someone organizing your mail. The more dedicated the pro is to a field, the more they tend to charge for services in that field.



Average Office Organizing Hourly Rate!

Office organizers typically charge $50 to $90 per hour. They specialize in digital and physical filing systems and will pay special attention to how your desk spaces are arranged and organized.

Their goal is to increase productivity through organization. You can find experts both for individual and home offices, and for larger office spaces that focus on the entire organization or cubicle system.
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Why It Is Important To Hire a Professional Organizer?

Organizers can benefit your life in countless personal and professional situations:


  • A single parent who doesn’t have time to clean up every day.
  • Working parents who want to spend more time with their kids when at home.
  • Telecommuters who want to maintain a professional home office.
  • Young professionals who spend long hours working as they climb the corporate ladder.
  • Empty nesters who spend weeks or months away from home.
  • Multi-generational families who need to make space for the next generation.

These pros take care of your everyday tasks, while you focus on the most important parts of life.

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