Average cost for Floor Cleaning ranges from

How much does floor cleaning cost?

If you don’t have time to clean your floor, professional floor cleaning services will restore your home to its former glory. Professional floor cleaning companies on the platform will tackle every type of flooring surface in every kind of property including apartments, rentals, houses, multi-unit buildings, offices and businesses, or commercial spaces. Many floor cleaning companies provide services for a range of flooring types such as concrete, hardwood, wood laminate, tile, natural stone, vinyl or linoleum sheet floors. Other flooring companies may specialize in a certain type, such as refinishing natural stone or hardwood floors. If you have carpet in part of your home and hardwood flooring in the rest, there are companies that service both types. To learn more about the cost of carpet cleaning.

Over time your flooring can begin to look grimy from pets, kids, shoe marks, scratches, and the other hits that life doles out. As grime is lifted and surface scratches are removed, it can look brand-new again. Different types of hard floors require different types of cleaning methods and equipment, and different costs for the services as well. Look for a cleaning company that has proven experience successfully working with your type of floors. The professionals can clean just one room in your home or an entire office building.

Customers hire pro floor cleaning companies for routine service to maintain a floor’s good looks as well as extending its lifespan. You can also take advantage of one-time floor cleaning for removing food and drink stains, pet stains, oil or grease stains, dirt stains, or just the adverse effects of age. Typically, floor cleaning companies charge per square foot for their services. The cost per square foot will take into account labor, cleaning products, cleaning equipment, the relative difficulty of working with that floor type, and business overhead. Some professionals can also move furniture when requested in advance. If you are ready to freshen the surface under your soles, here are the cost factors of floor cleaning.

On average (based on a 1,000-square-foot business), scrubbing a floor costs $11-$31; machine stripping is $20-$60; applying a floor finish is $15-$20; and applying a sealer is $15-$20. Residential floor cleaning rates are typically charged by room. Most rooms typically range from $80-$120.

Linoleum or VCT floor

What affect the cost ?

The type of floor you have will directly affect the cost of your cleaning services. Depending on the company and its cleaning techniques, different flooring materials have different prices per square foot. These prices are calculated based on the business overhead, cleaning products and equipment, and employee time. Cleaning companies generally charge the least per square foot for flooring that is easier to clean, such as linoleum and vinyl composite tiles (VCT). Linoleum and VCT are also some of the most affordable to install and are durable over time, making them an appealing option for the budget-minded.

Additional services can raise the cost of cleaning linoleum floors and VCT tiles. Some pros, addition to their basic cleaning services.  The new layer of wax is then buffed to a beautiful shine. The added labor of stripping and waxing increases the cost per square foot.

This is how you can breaks down average pricing for VCT and linoleum floor cleaning:

  • 1,000-square-foot VCT or linoleum floor: $295-$495
    • The lower end of the range may only include a topcoat cleaning, while the higher end includes stripping off the original finish, detailed cleaning, waxing and sealing the floor, plus two or three floor finishes.
      • High-gloss finish costs $100 extra

Natural stone flooring

Natural stone flooring can be made from marble, slate, travertine, limestone, granite and others. Natural stone flooring is typically the most expensive type of flooring to install and has high maintenance costs. The upside of natural stone is its beauty, durability and high resale value. Different types of stone have different qualities, which means cleaning and sealing costs can vary. For example, marble flooring, although exquisite and highly prized, is very soft and vulnerable to absorbing stains. Having marble regularly sealed helps prevent stains from marring its surface. On the other end of the toughness spectrum is granite flooring, which is rough and rugged and can stand up to much more abuse and spillage than marble. Regular polishing will keep it glowing and gorgeous over time. It’s also important to use the appropriate home cleaners on your floor in between professional cleanings. Harsh chemicals can damage natural stone, especially porous stone such as limestone or marble. Always follow your floor installation pro’s directions on what type of cleaning products to use.

If your natural stone floor has begun to dim with age, or has suffered one too many spills, floor cleaning companies can grind or hone down the top layer of your stone floor to reveal its fresh face underneath. They can then polish and seal your natural stone floor to protect it from future damage. Costs will vary based on the equipment used, the type of stone floor you have, and the size of your floor, plus operational factors such as business overhead and geographic location. For example a 1,000-square-foot natural stone floor for $900.

Hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood floors can last for many decades if properly maintained. Flooring professionals can refinish your hardwood floor and effectively remove the top layer of scratches, dents, and dings, revealing a new layer of strong wood underneath. First they sand down the damaged top layer and then seal the new surface with a protective coat of polyurethane that adds shine and repels stains and damage. You can choose to have a stain applied to achieve a certain color or look; stain typically means an extra charge per square foot, while the clear coat of polyurethane is included in standard refinishing costs. You can choose from a range of sheens to determine how matte or glossy you would like your hardwood floor to be. Like other hard floor cleaning and resurfacing, hardwood floor refinishing is priced per square foot. Larger projects typically cost less per square foot. You may expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $7 per square foot to refinish your hardwood floors, depending on the type of wood, where you live in the country, and other factors. To learn more about refinishing hardwood floors

Cost-saving strategies

Paying a professional to clean your floors may seem like an extravagance, but it is actually an investment in the value of your home. Good-looking floors have a great resale value, and even if you don’t plan to sell, well-maintained floors last longer and can save you money in the long run. Here are a few tips to help you hire a quality service provider who will do the job well.

  • Lower prices for floor cleaning usually mean that fewer services are included; make sure you understand the specific services included, and get everything in writing.
  • A part-time cleaner with lower-end equipment can’t deliver the same results as a full-time professional with the latest equipment, so be sure to compare not only cost but the breadth of the service that will be provided.
  • Always ask what is included in a cleaning. For example, does VCT cleaning include a strip and wax, or is it just a topcoat cleaning?
  • Once you and the professional are in agreement, get a signed contract that outlines details.
  • When requesting a quote for a home or office that has stairs, always let the pro know how many individual steps there are. Costs are based on the number of steps, not the number of flights.

Pro tip:

  • Read client reviews and follow up with references to make sure you’re choosing the right floor cleaning professional for your project. For more, check out these tips for hiring with confidence.