Average cost for Door Installation ranges from

How much does exterior door installation cost?

Depend on your location, door installation can costs you $300 labor, most homeowners spending between $300 and $400.

Door pros can help replace front exterior doors, back exterior doors and any other doors in private home, condo, businesses ect… including basic swing doors, sliding doors, sliding pocket doors, folding doors, french doors and barn-style doors. Pros work with doors made of wood, metal, glass or a mixture of materials. Door installation contractors can replace an existing door, install a door where an empty frame is or create a new opening and door frame to accommodate a new door. Several factors affect the cost of exterior door installation.

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Materials cost 

If you are replacing your front door or back  know that materials are usually the largest cost factor. Slab and pre-hung types range from basic hollow core styles for $30 to $90 each up to solid oak and beveled glass for $1,000 to $1,400 or even more. Extremely high-endvarieties typically double and wrought iron – range from $3,500 to $6,000. Add sidelights – also known as sidelines – and transoms for an added $600 to $2,000.

Replacing an existing door for a new one that isn’t same size will also affect the total cost of exterior door installation. More labor is required to fit a new frame to accommodate the new door and perform light construction.

Other cost factors include location, type, and framing needs. Most projects require hiring an expert for proper installation.


Average Cost to Install a  New Door

If you are installing a new door a variety of costs including labor, materials and supplies. Combined they average between $400 to $900. depend on the qualifications or experience of the pros you hired price can be vary and also the larger of your projects with multiple installations. Contractors only supply the tools necessary for the job. The homeowner will be responsible for the price of all supplies and materials. These include all mounting hardware, hinges, screws and threshold. This following chart doesn’t include specifics for exterior types like sidelights or a transom.

Average Door Installation Costs including Framing
Line Items Average Cost Range
Labor $150-$300
Slab $50-$400
Supplies $100-$300
Jamb & Stop $150-$300
Frame Construction $200-$650
Total Cost $750 to $2,000

Extra services

Homeowners sometimes require pros installer in addition to basic door replacement to paint or stain the door install new trim around the door waterproof or weatherproof the sides, doors hardware like the locks ect…

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