Average cost for Curtain Professional ranges from

How much does it cost to install curtains?

How much does it cost to install curtains?

If you are thinking of giving a room in your home a sprucing up, there is no better way to do so than to install new curtain.They can help make your room lighter, new custom curtains and window treatments can instantly change the entire feel of ayour room, more traditional or modern, depending on your custom curtain choices.

Your cost for custom curtain installation can range anywhere from $800 to as much as $1,100. This cost to install curtains can vary depending on numerous factors which can include:

  1. regional location
  2. current pricing trends
  3. custom curtains
  4. size of windows
  5. number of windows

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Installing Window Covers – Cost Factors

Number of factors can contribute to the final cost of window treatment installation, not the least of which are the volume, size, and location of the windows in question. Assure to review each of these factors bellow to better understand what you can expect when it comes to the final price.

Number & Size of Windows

Clearly the number of windows that need treatments installed affects the price of installation. However, like most home improvement jobs, there are some cost savings associated with increased volume because the workers and their tools are already on site. Therefore, while the installation of a single custom window covering costs on average $60-$70, the price to install two is less than double that, around $80. The price for three or more is similarly discounted, ranging from about $100 for three to about $120 for five window treatment installations.

Your custom curtains can be used alone or in combination with blinds or shades depending on your personal preferences. It is important to take into consideration that adding blinds or window shades to your window treatment design can increase your cost to install curtains as well.

Your installation cost can also be affected based on the materials you choose for the installation.

Of course, if you choose a material for your curtains that is heavier, or has a more intricate design, or perhaps the material chosen is more difficult to sew, like silk or satin, your cost to install curtains can increase substantially according to your material choices.

How much will it cost for pros to install your blinds?

Several factors can affects the cost of installing your blinds like the design, material, and overall blind size. On average, most homeowners will spend around $700 to install impressive blinds on their windows.

For a small or simple window you homeowner can expect to spend around $100 on smaller and for a more complex or bigger window up to $2,000.

Between Blinds and Shades

The idea of blinds installation will always evoke a discussion about shades. The difference between these two window treatments is simple and straightforward. Blinds are solid and opaque. Shades are lighter and allow light to go through.

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  • Use blinds when you want total privacy at any point of the day or night
  • Shades are perfect if you aren’t worried of the peeping Tom at night
  • You can mix blinds and shades for more functionality and a unique décor



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