Average cost for Art Installers ranges from

How much does art installation cost?

Professionals on the platform can help you hang your picture/shelves and art installation  to your home or business to professionally mount framed art and memorabilia, sculptures, decor and more on the walls using the right

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mounting hardware for the art piece and type of walls you have (plaster, drywall, stucco, etc.). Some professional installers also can help hang window treatments and install flat-screen TVs.


Pricing for art installation services is generally based on the number of pieces to be installed, how involved the installation will be and how long the job takes. The average nationwide cost for art installation is $55–$165 per piece. Most installers have a minimum fee to come to the installation site after providing an initial quote.


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Weight and complexity

Most professional installers charge more for heavy pieces or anything that requires special hardware, such as mirrors or hanging sculptures, shelves regardless of how many pieces need to be installed. We recommend our customer to send as much as details as possible when requesting a quote to help ensure that his bid is accurate. Sending photos of the backs of the pieces to be hung can give the installer a better idea of what tools and hanging hardware are required.


Professional installers can give an estimate of the cost of hanging a picture after evaluating the time, tools, materials, and the number of people required to finish the job. Generally, they charge by the hour and the hourly rates differ from project to project. The average service rate for installing a single picture is $60. A rough estimate of the cost of installation on different surfaces is given below.

Mounting Surface Cost of installation
Drywall $40-$120
Concrete Walls $70-$140
Wood $50-$130
Tiles $80-$140
Stone $100-$170

What Can Be Hung on a Wall?

Hired pros provide more than just picture frame and artwork mounting. They can also help hang the following on almost any wall in your home.

  • Picture frames
  • Framed artwork
  • Ceramics
  • Objet d’art
  • 3D artwork
  • Photo collages
  • Tapestries and rugs
  • Animal mounts

Why Hire a Professional?

Picture/art hanging professionals incorporate a value-added aesthetic understanding to the project, and can ensure that your artwork is hung securely, accurately, and in relation to the decor that surrounds it. Below is a list of benefits to hiring a professional for your wall-mounting needs.

  • They can determine the right location for the art/ picture with proper lighting.
  • They can recommend proper hardware and technique necessary for every room, piece of artwork, and circumstance to ensure safety.
  • Whether it’s up high or above a stairwell, they can reach places that are hard for the average homeowner to access.
  • They can choose the ‘hot spots’, hang at the right height, and adjust the arrangement of furniture to enhance the look of your space.
  • They’re experienced in handling artworks that come in all types and sizes – small or big, wide or tall, light or heavy.
  • They are equipped to deal with all types of walling materials and finishes such as rough brick, drywall, tiles, glass, padded fabric, and acoustic material.
  • They can help organize your art into wall collages.

Cost to Add Mirrors to Walls

Mirrors are delicate and heavy, causing installation to be tricky and often dangerous. Hanging huge mirrors or mirrored walls require extra care. Using appropriate wall fixtures, finding the right wall spot on wall surfaces for hanging is easy for the professionals. High ceilings or low staircases call for different installation procedures to ensure precision and safety.


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