About Us

The Company That Revolutionizing The Handymen Industry


EasyGoPRO is the creator of a nationwide
technology platform in the objective to connect
potential clients, with qualified
professionals independent 
services in your area,
well equipped, professionals 
providing top quality handyman, 
moving, cleaning, plumbing, electrical,
remodeling, landscaping, painting services.
From major repair to a simple 
cleaning we make home work. 

Our top mission 

 is to make it easy for you to hire small businesses across country!

Building local economies and stronger our communities!

Effortlessly Connect and Enjoy Our Services

“The Company that revolutionizing the home improvement industry” 

EasyGoPRO is your #1 source for finding the right local professionals to get your jobs done!
We developed this service to help our customers connect with multiple small businesses in their area to compare price estimates on new projects for their home or business.
We can connect you to pros that’s specialize in every facet of your projects.

Esperando Fleurine, CEO


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